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2 HP Steel 100 Scuba Tank High Pressure X7-100 - Scuba Tanks - Worthington HP Steel 100 Scuba Tank High Pressure X7-100 These Worthington HP Steel Tank comes with boot and convertable Din to Yoke Thermo Valve. I bought these 2 Worthington Steel 100's from Castaway Scuba in Orlando back in September xxxx. I made 4 dives with these tank in Key Largo on Capt. Slates Dive Boats. That was a Staurday and Sunday trip. My wife said she would continue to dive, but she lied. Now I don't dive.... So time to clear out the bedroom corner of Scuba gear...LOL I paid $370.00 for each Tank and the fill Plus the Hydro and VIS. That is over $800.00 for the set. The Hydro still has 2 1/2 years left I will sell both tanks for $ 625.00 paypal or If you pay cash then $ 575.00 That is an amazing deal on almost new tanks Deatails